Hi I’m Jayden and I run Jayden’s Piercing from our Sittingbourne Studio.

I’m in the back room in my humble little abode full of piercing goodness.
I’ve been piercing for Skin Illustrations a little while now but it feels like I’ve been here forever.
I am an anti-gun piercing establishment. I only pierce safe, sterile and happy piercings!

My jewellery cabinet is full of little treasures that you can chose from if you fancy something custom, or I have my every day attachments for those who prefer to stick to a budget.
I love meeting new people, being able to pierce them and chat all things piercings, love life, home life, weekend fun, you name it I’ll talk your ears off.

Fun fact about me is I wear hearing aids and rely massively on lip reading, so if you scream whilst I’m piercing you then I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you