Skin Illustrations’ very own Bex from our Maidstone Studio had the pleasure of meeting and tattoing Tiktoker reallifejay71 back in July 2022.

The script tattoo (pictured below) posted to Bex’s Instagram Account last summer shows the signature of Titktok Star xgilham (who has a following of 7.5 Million users on the platform, and a further 612 Thousand on His Instagram Page) on the wrist of Jay’s left arm and now joins another tattoo (which was not completed by Bex).

Jay visited Skin Illustrations Maidstone after he and 49 others lost against xgilham in a bet in which all 50 had to get his signature tattooed. Who better to choose as an artist than Bex, who has experience in hand-written style fonts and other line art, along with experience in black and grey among other creative styles?


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The Tiktok star xgilham is known for posting his videos of Relatable Quotes and Emotions and has grown in popularity since his account first appeared on the popular platform. In one of his most popular posts (shown below) he sites words of wisdom, spreading positivity to his followers and offering upliftment.

@xgilham♬ original sound – xgilham